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Bailey: Class of 2015 {Toledo Senior Portraits}

Bailey: Class of 2015 {Toledo Senior Portraits}

I met Bailey for the first time for her Toledo senior portrait session, but we were planning for several weeks before!  What a beauty and lovely smile!  I was excited to use some of the new props in our studio.  I seriously have a prop-compulsive-buying disorder!  But, hey, they look great for senior pictures!  These are some images from her indoor studio session (which Bailey rocked!), and we have big plans for her outdoor session planned later in the summer.  I can’t wait!  Thank you Bailey for choosing JH Photography for your fabulous Class of 2015 senior portraits!

Toledo Senior Pictures

Our brand new white high-back chair!  Bailey got to use this new prop for this stunning portrait of her.  I love her dress and curly hair!  She really just pops off the image!Toledo Senior Portraits Toledo Senior Pictures

Nothing like a little glitter and glamor!Toledo Senior Portraits Toledo Senior Photographer

JH Photography is now accepting high school senior session of the graduating class of 2015!  Get a kick-start on your Toledo senior portraits with us!  Where photos are never boring and touch-ups are free!  Plus, you get the choice of having your session in our studio, at any outdoor location in Toledo, or BOTH!  Contact us today for details and let us create stunning portraits to remember your senior year by!  Call (419) 699-2460 or check out more info on our senior portrait sessions at Toledo Senior Photographer.

Kyle: Senior Class of 2015 (Toledo High School Senior Pictures)

Kyle: Senior Class of 2015 (Toledo High School Senior Pictures)

Congratulations Kyle on your upcoming high school senior year!  Kyle is already enrolled in a hair stylist academy, and plans to finish her licensing after high school graduation.  What a great head start on her career!  I love her unique style and outgoing personality.  She wanted a punk vs. princess style for her senior pictures, and I think we nailed it!  I already have so many favorites from this session, which is yours?

Toledo Senior Portrait

Kyle’s favorite color is pastel pink AND with her future in hair styling, so we captured this creative shot.  I love the glamor and punk-style!

Toledo Graduation Pictures

Toledo Graduation Picture

This was one of Kyle’s favorite images from her studio session, and I agree.  She could be on the cover of a fashion magazine with this outfit and pose!

Toledo Photographer

High School Senior Portraits

I love the simple, yet contemplative mood of this image.  Plus, it really shows off Kyle’s gorgeous hair and makeup!  We take all variety of portraits during our Toledo photography sessions, close-ups and full length.

Toledo High School Graduation PicturesAnd last but not least!  We introduced Kyle’s session on Facebook with this preview image.  It was hard to choose just one for her sneak peak image (which we include with every session!).  But, I think this portrait sums up her entire session and personality.  BEAUTIFUL!  The soft focus on her really brings out her eyes and catch-lights.  It really is an up-close portrait!  And I love how it still shows the details of her earrings and hairstyle.  Wow!

Do you need your senior pictures in Toledo or the surrounding area?  Call us today (419) 699-2460 and let us capture the unique YOU and create images that tell who you are.  Senior portraits are so important, and we LOVE being the choice photographer for Toledo’s high school seniors!  Schedule your graduation pictures today!

Brittani: 2013 Senior {Happy Valentine’s Day!}

Gosh…what a better post than Brittani’s “pretty-in-pink” images on Valentine’s Day!  The girlie color created such a soft effect to bring out her beautiful eyes!  And what an amazing girl!!!!  Brittani and I worked on her consultation through email, figuring out what she was planning to wear, and the look she was going for.   I love emailing, but finally meeting her for the session was awesome.  She’s such a sweetheart!  Brittani…I wish you the very best!!!


Toledo Senior Portrait 3

Toledo Senior Portrait 1

Toledo Senior Portrait 2

Toledo Senior Portrait 4

Toledo Senior Portrait 5

Toledo Senior Portrait 6

Toledo Senior Portrait 7

Abdi’s Music Cover Session, Toledo Photographer

Abdi will be the next big R&B artist from Toledo!  I just know it!!!  With his style and personality, I know he’ll go a long way!   Abdi shared his vision for the session theme, and we came up with some really cool places to photograph at in downtown Toledo.  It’s going to be a tough decision to only pick one cover image!  🙂  Which is your favorite???








Mariah: 2013 Senior

Mariah…what a beautiful name to go with such a beautiful girl!   Mariah chose Wildwood Park in Toledo for her senior portraits.  It was the perfect day, too!  Full of sunshine and autumn colors.  We didn’t have to walk very far to start her session –  this first image was taken by the tree we parked our cars by!  The leaves were hanging down just enough for me use the color to frame her pose.   I love fall!  Her spring session will soon follow this post!







Kyle: 2013 Senior

We are so excited for Kyle and his senior year in high school!!!  Now that I’m coming up on my 10 year high school reunion (Ahhh!), I remember how eager I was to take on the world!  And that’s exactly what Kyle’s doing…he’s gearing up for a freshman year at University of Toledo!   With a rainy day keeping us indoors for most of the shoot, we used a lot of natural light to create this urban theme during his senior portrait session in downtown Toledo.   I love it!  Congrats on your graduation and scholarship to UT, Kyle!  Way to go!!!

(P.S. Check out his golf collage!  Yes, we even got a little rained on!)

ToledoSenior-019  ToledoSenior-020




Selecting the Best Photographer

Whether you’re in Toledo, Ohio, Ann Arbor, Michigan, NYC, or Smalltown USA, choosing the best photographer is a crucial part of planning your session or event…whether it’s a newborn session, family pictures, high school senior portraits, or your wedding day.  This post isn’t about WHO is the best photographer (although we’d love to say ‘we are!’), but who is the best photographer for YOU.  That’s right…you!  Selecting a professional to capture an important time in your life is like finding THE wedding gown for a bride.  Sure, you could just borrow from a friend or buy the one your hand falls on during an eye-covered twirl in a bridal store.  But, most of us have dreamed of our wedding day and all of the special moments since we were 5, right down to the gown we’ll be wearing as we promise “I do” to our soul mate.  Photography is just like finding the perfect wedding gown; the size, the style, and how it makes you feel will determine if it’s just A dress, or THE dress.  Photographers are just as versatile as the variety of wedding gowns.  We all have different styles, offer different levels of skill, and have our own unique personalities.


Do you know what style of photography you want?  Traditional?  Non-traditional?  Modern?  Photojournalistic?  Fashion-based?  The list is endless!  If you don’t know your style, yet, start looking through some wedding images on the internet or Pinterest.  Collect some poses and pictures that you love, and match them up to the photographer’s bio to see what style it is that attracts you.  Next, look up some of your local photographers that offer that style and look at their portfolio.  Are they creative?  Do they use the same 4 poses over and over?  Or is their approach to each client a good balance of personalization and style?

The second criteria to finding the right photographer for you is the amount of experience you are looking for.  And, yes, experience does come with a price.  You can find anything from a beginning photographer with $5 prints and $500 all inclusive packages to fashion and Hollywood photographers with $500 prints and $50,000 packages.  If a smaller price tag is more important than quality, then an amateur looking to build their portfolio might be the perfect choice for you.  But, if quality images and exceptional skills are valuable, then you might have to invest a little more into your photographer.  Why are experienced photographers more of an investment?  Besides the basic supply and demand notion, more experienced photographers manage their own business full-time, which is pricey!  There’s studio space rent and utilities, accounting and taxes, insurance, expensive camera and lighting equipment, web presence, advertising costs, assistant and secondary photographer wages, travel expenses…plus, at the end of the day, we photographers have to make something to bring home to our families, too!  Hiring an experienced photographer means your session is not only in professional hands to guarantee the best images, but that the best equipment is being used to produce your high quality images.  Experienced photographers have back up gear available in case of a technical failures, the pressure to stay creatively above the local market, and the knowledge and skill to master any location and lighting situation.

Finally, you have to find the photographer that you mesh with.  Their personality has to be a fit for you.


You’ll be spending countless hours with them, whether it’s choosing the session location, actually shooting the location, and following up with you to deliver the print goodies.  And if it’s a photographer for your wedding day…you’ll really need to have a good fit!  Meet with your potential photographer.  Are they friendly?  Do they have a good reputation?  Are they concerned with your vision for the session/event?  Read their testimonial page.  Ask what their shooting and posing approach is.  Do you need a photographer that’s good at coaching poses?  If you have ideas, are they open to trying them?  As you’ll be spending a lot of one-on-one time with your photographer, make sure that you’re satisfied with their personality, email/phone call response time, and personal vision for you.

Use these simple guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect photographer for YOU!

Best wishes!


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