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Kevin + Jaime = Engaged! | Downtown Toledo Photographers

Kevin + Jaime = Engaged! | Downtown Toledo Photographers

You just never know how fate will work!  Kevin first met Jaime while he was interviewing for a job.  She did his peer interview and found out that they knew a lot of the same people and had a lot in common.  They later saw each other again at another event and the rest is history!  He didn’t get the job, but he did get the girl!  And now Kevin and Jaime are planning their happily ever after together!  And we are so excited to be a part of capturing it as their downtown Toledo photographers!

Downtown Toledo Photographers Photographers in downtown Toledo 010_mini Photographers in downtown Toledo 010_miniPhotographers in downtown Toledo 010_mini Downtown Toledo Photographers Photographers in downtown Toledo 010_mini Downtown Toledo Photographers Photographers in downtown Toledo 010_mini

Your love for each other was so effortless to capture on camera!  We cannot wait until your big day this summer!

View more of our engagement portrait gallery here: http://jhphotography.org/toledo-engagement-gallery/

Toledo Wedding Photographers | Wedding Highlights of 2015!

Toledo Wedding Photographers,

Wedding Highlights of 2015!

Wow!  2015 was not only our best year in business, yet, but also filled with so many great moments and memories for both our couples and us!  We love our job as Toledo wedding photographers! The year was especially busy with moving  our studio to downtown Toledo.  And our studio grew to include 2 more amazing photographers, Jon and Selina.  Each and every couple make it possible to continue to do what we love!  Thank you Toledo!  And thank you to our brides and grooms for choosing JH Photography to capture your wedding day!  Here’s just a few of our favorite wedding pictures from the past 12 months!

Toledo Wedding Photographers

Are you recently engaged or know someone who is?  Do they want Toledo wedding photographers who are both professional and creative? Find out more about us here!  Plus, consultations at our fashion studio in downtown Toledo are free.  We’ll review your tentative day-of timeline and look at albums from real weddings.  Our favorite part is getting to discuss the vision you have for your big day, too! Plus, if you are still looking for other great wedding vendors to work with, we can recommend the best!  Contact us today- we’d love to meet you and to hear all the details!  Call us  at (419) 699-2460 or use our Contact Us page to get in touch!


Josh and Nahdia: Engaged! | Toledo Engagement Photographers

Josh and Nahdia: Engaged!

Toledo Engagement Photographers

Wow!  This session for Josh and Nahdia was so fun and at a unique location that wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been such a rainy day.  But, go figure, after we started the session indoors, it quit raining.  Toledo engagement photographers really had some challenges with this year’s constantly changing weather!

Josh and Nahdia’s love story is one woven in time.  They’ve known each other for over 11 years, but they hit if off while working together at Toledo’s Gladieux Lumbar Yard on Route 2 in Oregon.  Nahdia was a junior in high school, and Josh worked out in the lumbar yard.  Their first date was to a Mudhen’s game, which is so perfect!  Being avid baseball fans, they made a goal while dating to visit all 30 US stadiums.  So far, they’ve been to Atlanta, Pittsburg, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit.  Josh knew when they were planning their trip to Boston that he would ask the love of his life to marry him.  And there, right in front of Fenway Stadium in Boston, he got down on one knee.  And she said, ‘yes!’, of course!

Engagement Photographers in Toledo Engagement Photographers in Toledo

Nahdia, you are seriously so beautiful!Engagement Photographers in Toledo Engagement Photographers in Toledo Engagement Photographers in Toledo Engagement Photographers in Toledo Engagement Photographers in ToledoThis last set of images with their Tiger’s shirts is so cute!  The back has “Save the Date – 4/16”!

Congratulations to you both!  We can’t wait to be a part of your big day!

Scott and Katie = Engaged! {Downtown Toledo Photographer}

Scott and Katie = Engaged!

{Downtown Toledo Photographer}

Scott and Katie’s wedding is right around the corner!  Next month, they’ll be saying “I do” at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and hosting their reception at the lovely Central Park West.  We can’t wait!  As a downtown Toledo photographer, we were so excited when they chose an urban look for their engagement session.  Downtown Toledo offers so many unique portrait locations, and with our lighting and posing style, the urban look is amazing for a ‘love’ session!

downtown Toledo photographer 1_mini

A little snow didn’t keep us from venturing outdoors… but Scott and Katie were snuggling to keep warm!

I love to ask about the proposal!  And what a romantic one!  Scott had taken Katie to the beautiful Toledo Botanical Gardens for a date through the sculpted nursery.  They had been there a few years earlier together and had taken a picture together under the weeping willow, so Scott prompted them to take another picture of themselves while they were there.  As they walked out from underneath the tree, Scott knelt down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him.  And Katie said ‘yes’!

downtown Toledo photographer 002_mini downtown Toledo photographer 003_miniOne of our FAVORITES!  Katie, you’re rocking it!

downtown Toledo photographer 4_mini downtown Toledo photographer 005_mini downtown Toledo photographer 006_mini downtown Toledo photographerYou two are too cute!

downtown Toledo photographer The image above was their sneak peek that was shared online just 2 days after their downtown Toledo portrait session.  So romantic!

downtown Toledo photographer downtown Toledo photographer downtown Toledo photographer Congratulations Scott and Katie!  We can’t wait to capture your big day!  You two are so perfect for each other and we wish you all the very best as your lives begin together!

Mr. & Mrs. Alverman: Heatherdowns Country Club Wedding {Toledo Wedding Photographer}

Mr. & Mrs. Alverman: Heatherdowns Country Club Wedding

{Toledo Wedding Photographer}

What an amazing day for Dave and Lindsay!  Their Heatherdowns Country Club wedding was amazing, and so perfect for the two avid golfers!  Their ceremony was held outdoors on the 10th tee with the beautiful course as their backdrop.  It was gorgeous!  The wedding party also had a blast riding golf carts from the club’s entrance to the back of the ceremony site before walking down the aisle.  (The girls drove and the groomsmen held the bouquets!)  It was sure fun being a part of their big day as their Toledo wedding photographer!

Heatherdowns Toledo Wedding Photographer 012

A big shout-out to all the fabulous vendors that made their Toledo wedding perfect:

Wedding Venue/Planner: Gina Gueli of Heatherdowns Country Club

Bride’s Makeup Artist: Allison of Nrgie Salon and Spa

Bride’s Hair Stylist: Brookelyn Hauck from “The Look”

Florist: In Bloom Flowers and Gifts

Caterer and Wedding Cake: Michael’s Catering

DJ: Nick from Decorative Sound

Photographer: Jennifer Hamilton of JH Photography

Heatherdowns Country Club Wedding Isn’t Lindsay’s gown gorgeous???  The overlaying tulle in the skirt was so flattering on her!  Especially when back-lit!Toledo Wedding Photographer 2 I’m in love with her soft pink Jessica Simpson shoes and bridal bouquet!  The ladies at In Bloom Florist did a fabulous job, as usual! Toledo Wedding Photographer 004 Toledo Wedding Photographer 005 Aren’t these embroidered shirts such a unique gift idea?  Each girl had her own initial!Wedding Photos in Toledo Lindsay was such an absolutely stunning bride!  See more from her bridal session at the Heatherdowns Country Club here!Toledo Wedding Photos Toledo Wedding Photographer 009 Toledo Wedding Photographer 011 Toledo Wedding Photographer 008 Toledo Wedding Photographer 010The slight hill of the 10th tee made it super easy for guests to see Dave and Lindsay recite their vows to one another.Toledo Wedding Photographer 013 Toledo Wedding Photographer 014 Aren’t the bridemaids’ dresses pretty?  I love the different looks and styles!  So playful!Toledo Wedding Photographer 015 Heatherdowns Toledo

Gosh!  Isn’t this Heatherdowns Country Club wedding venue beautiful for their portraits?  I love how the light just trickled through the trees!Heatherdowns Country Cub Wedding 1 Heatherdowns Wedding Wedding Photographer in Toledo_mini Toledo Wedding Photographer 023 The first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Alverman while their family and friends looked on!Toledo Wedding Photographer 024 Toledo Wedding Photographer 025 Toledo Wedding Photographer 026You can tell this father and daughter had a fun relationship!  Dancing to Elvis’ voice and then… Elvis is IN THE HOUSE!
Toledo Wedding Photographer 027 Toledo Wedding Photographer 028 And of course, no wedding is complete without our Signature Romantic Sunset Portraits!  These creative light portraits are included with every wedding package with sunset hour coverage!  Soooo romantic for Dave and his bride in their dip-and-kiss!Toledo Wedding PhotographerAnd then some fun sparkler fun outside the Heatherdowns Country Club front steps!  Kudos to the couple for standing so still during the long exposure camera technique it took to get the fireworks in the image!

Toledo Wedding Photographer

Thank you Dave and Lindsay, for allowing us to be a part of your special day!  We’re so happy for you both and it was fun being your Toledo Wedding Photographer!  (Plus, I’ve always wanted to meet Elvis!)

12 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

12 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

We meet with several engaged couples every week, and can only imagine how overwhelming it can feel with so many options available for your big day.  How do you decide which photographer is right for you?  Some couples find generic lists online of “What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer”.  While these lists are a great starting point, some of the questions aren’t really relevant. An example would be, “Do you include RAW files?” or “What megapixel size is your camera?”  Well, first of all, if I gave away RAW files, my brides and grooms wouldn’t be able to open the files, much less print them.  We process those files and color correct them into JPEGs, which are universal files.  And secondly, the megapixel size is an outdated question, as your Aunt Jo probably has a 18+ megapixel camera (they can come fairly cheap now).  The sensor size and how well the camera produces images in low light should be the real question as to how professional the equipment being used is.  We’re talking about the difference in a $500 amateur camera versus a $5000+ professional camera.  But, we’ll talk more on sensor info in a minute.

While there is no such thing as a dumb question, we believe that asking the right questions will help you find the perfect fit for you and your day!  We put together a little list of common questions we receive, as well as things to consider when searching for your photographer.  Here they are!

Questions For Wedding Photographer

1.  What Should My Toledo Wedding Photography Budget Be?

While this question is ultimately up to you, you should be aware of what range of professionalism your budget will get you.  If you’re looking to spend under $1000 for a full day wedding, then unfortunately you’ll be hiring a camera enthusiast without sufficient equipment or only has minimal experience.  Professional photographers range in budgets depending on location.  You might pay $5000+ for a minimal wedding package in New York City.  For the Toledo area, couples average $2000-$3000 for their professional wedding photography.  Our brides and grooms typically spend $2500 or more, but we do offer packages starting at $1500 for smaller weddings.  With only one day to make the magic, you’ll want to trust your wedding to a true professional with the experience and equipment to capture your dream day.  The lack of experience that comes with low budget photographers is a big risk for your special day!

Nazareth Hall Photographer

Beautiful symmetrical groom and bridal portrait!

2.  Do You Have Backup Equipment?

Just because someone takes “good” pictures doesn’t mean that they are prepared for wedding photography. Wedding photographers have ONE chance at capturing your big day. That means they need to be prepared in case their main camera, flash, lens, or equipment fails. Equipment is mechanical, which unfortunately means it’s prone to give out without notice. Your photographer should have a backup of EVERYTHING. What if they trip over grandma’s cane and drop the camera? Or the flash dies and no amount of new batteries or praying to the-god-of-weddings makes it come back to life? Or the card reader malfunctions right in the middle of your vows? Your photographer should be able to pick up a backup and continue on without a hitch. Believe me, this stuff really happens! We have sent in a number of flashes, lenses, and camera bodies to be repaired… and that’s with top-of-the-line equipment. Luckily we had plenty of backup equipment so we did not miss a moment of the wedding.  Quality backup equipment is important, too. We use only Canon brand and professional grade cameras, lenses, speedlites, flash accessories, batteries, software, etc. Our cameras range from 18-23 megapixels, and were specifically purchased for our business because they have highly sensitive sensors. They work amazing wonders with low light (such as inside churches or reception halls) to create crisp and sharp color detail with every image.

What to Ask Your PhotographerWith that said, we also shoot primarily on a dual-card camera. What is that? Professional grade cameras include two memory card slots so that 2 copies of every image taken is being saved. Memory cards unfortunately have the reputation for as much as 1 in every 3 going bad. We use higher-end cards, so this is much less. But shooting with a dual-card camera just gives that extra security in case one malfunctions. After the wedding, we also backup the images 4 more times onto external hard drives and at a secure online storage. That way, should our computers get corrupted or stolen, we still have an off-site copy. Your day is THAT important to us! 🙂

3.  How Many Weddings Have You Shot?

This is always a great question, as answers can vary a lot!  A photographer might post that they have 5 years of experience shooting weddings, but it’s irrelevant if they only shoot 1-2 weddings a year.  Another great question to consider along this line is if the photographer has shot a similar wedding style to yours.  Is it a stylish wedding in a downtown urban area, an upscale country club ceremony, or outside at a family farm?  We’ve captured 70+ weddings of all styles and personalities.  Each one is unique and fun, which is why we love our job!  No two weddings are ever the same.  I love to capture the unique love between a man and his bride, and all the little details that make their day special!Toledo Wedding Photographer

4. Are You a Natural Light Photographer, Studio Light Photographer, or Both?

This is the portion of the photographer’s style. When you first saw their work, what did you like about it? Was it the even skin tones, variety of lighting, or the soft outdoor images that caught your eye?  A natural light photographer means that they are unfortunately restricted to the sun as their only light source. What if your wedding day is cloudy or rainy? If they are a studio light photographer, their style is more creative with lighting. The answer to this trick question should really be both. Your photographer should be able to capture those stunning light-filtering outdoor portraits, as well as be prepared for off-camera studio light that is useful for dark venues. Studio light photographers tend to have more rounded knowledge of how to be creative with light. With our studio, we shoot a variety of natural light portraits, as well as use studio lighting. We even use studio lighting outdoors which, when used at a minimal flash setting, creates beautiful even skin tones. Outdoor flash also enhances the sky, which can be ‘blown out’ in natural light portraits that are over-compensating a bright sky to expose for their couples in the foreground.Natural Light Studio Light

5. Do You Offer the Digital Files?

There are 2 things that make me really sad. The first is hearing stories of wedding days ruined by inexperienced photographers, and the other is hearing of couples who just keep their images on a disc. Eeek! Why would a couple spend thousands of dollars on their wedding photography, only to just receive the digital files and never print them. Or worse, loose the disc! There are 2 kinds of photographers where this question falls. One set offers the digital files, but be sure to ask if it’s the high resolution images. Some photographers only offer a 5×7 resolution disc, so that all larger wall portraits have to be professionally printed through them. Then there is the other group of photographers that do not offer the files at all (or at an additional price). Here’s the deal.  A photographer’s worst fear is that their hard work is going to be poorly reproduced by generic print labs, which is why we package our service with a high-quality print lab that we have tested extensively.  With our business on the line, we want to ensure that every image is reproduced without flaws, looking its very best for our clients.  JH Photography offers the best of both worlds. We include the high resolution image disc with all of our full-day wedding collections. AND we also include print credit with every collection. In fact, our collections include anywhere from $300 to $2000 in print credit! This is like a gift card to purchase prints, albums, or canvases from our studio for free! Couples love to use the print credit for those larger wall portraits or canvases that they want to display in their home. Or leather-bound albums for their coffee table. Printing through our studio ensures that your prints will not only be calibrated to their truest color from our professional printing lab, but that they are guaranteed against fading for life!

6. Do You Offer a 2nd Photographer?

We always recommend having a 2nd photographer for cathedral weddings, restricted timelines, or simply for the couples wanting that extra coverage.  We won’t go into much detail here, but a second photographer brings a completely different perspective to your wedding day.  They can capture your mother’s expression as the main photographer gets the portraits of the father giving the bride away.  Or the back of your gown as you walk down the aisle.  Unfortunately, the main photographer can’t be in both places at once (even though I’ve been called a ninja photographer!).   Plus, if you’re getting married inside a church with long pews or aisles, a second photographer is really a bonus for getting a variety of images from different angles of the sanctuary as you say your vows to one another.

So, yes! We do offer a 2nd photographer for your day!  And the best part?  Our 2nd photographer is just a flat-rate fee, regardless how many hours you book for your main photographer.  In the image below, I captured the couple exiting the church as the new Mr & Mrs. Acampa, while my second photographer captured this stunning  perspective of them sneaking a quick kiss before climbing in the car.Toledo Wedding Photography

 7.  What Time Would Start and End Your Photography Services on My Day?

You’ll want to know when to expect them and how long they’ll be staying through your reception.  We don’t leave this to chance.  We actually sit down with each couple during the initial consultation to discuss a tentative timeline.  We know this can change over the next few months, but it’ll give everyone an idea of where to start!  You get to choose your wedding collection based on the hourly coverage you need, and we want to make sure you get all the events you want covered.  No surprises!  You wouldn’t want your formal portrait time cut in half because the photographer didn’t realize that your receiving line after the ceremony would take 30 minutes.  Our timeline that we’ll guide you through includes just about every scenario that we’ve encountered over the past 10 years!

8. Do You Require a First Look?

Even though this new concept has been around for over many years now, many couples aren’t familiar with what it really is.  The traditional way for the groom to see his bride for the first time is as she walks down the aisle.  Many couples are choosing to opt for a First Look, which is a privately captured moment of the couple seeing each other before the ceremony begins.   The photographer will help select a private location and then standoff at a distance as the groom and bride see each other for the first time in their formal attire.  And let me tell you, it’s magical!  Grooms may not show too much emotion while in a room full of people during the ceremony, but with a First Look, we get to capture the expressive excitement, the laughter, and the joyful tears.  First Looks also are popular with couples who want to narrow the time between the ceremony and the reception for their guests.  The bride and groom portraits and the wedding party are typically photographed after the 5 minute mini-session, saving portrait time after the ceremony.  After reviewing your timeline, we may suggest this option to you, but the decision is always your choice!

Toledo Museum of Art

Beautiful First Look!

9.  If My Day Runs Behind Schedule, Are You Available to Stay Longer?

It does happen.  The flowers didn’t arrive on time, the tuxes were still at the store getting altered, or the uncle’s dinner toast went really LONG.  Is your photographer willing to stay later?  We are! And we are more than happy to.  The last thing we want is our couples stressing about their timeline, so this has been a priority to offer when the day’s schedule runs behind.  No worries!  We have a flat hourly rate in 1/2 hour increments that can just be paid when we meet after your honeymoon to view your fabulous images.  

What to ask your photographer

10.  Do You Have Insurance?

Some venues won’t even allow photographers or videographers through their door without proof of insurance.  Why?  They don’t want to be held liable in case Aunt Jo trips over the photographer’s camera bag and hurts herself.  This also will help prove if they are serious about their business (and consequently, your wedding!), as all business owners should have insurance for potential mishaps.  It’s like car insurance, you never know what could happen even if you are the world’s best driver.

11.  How Long Before I Receive My Wedding Images?

Luckily, the days of waiting a year before getting your images is nearly over!  You should still ask this question in case you were expecting to get your images within weeks, and the studio takes several months.  The average wedding image turn-around for photographers is 6 weeks, although some take up to 6 months.  It also depends on what products you purchased with your wedding package.  Did you purchase an album?  Is there an online gallery?  Are you also getting the digital images?  We pride ourselves as one of the quickest image turnarounds for northwest Ohio.  The expected turn-around time for our studio can be calculated as this:

  • 2-3 days after the ceremony: Online Sneak Peak Image
  • 14 days after the ceremony:  Digital files have been processed and an appointment is set up with the couple to view their images with the photographer and place an order with their print credit.  Their online gallery (top 300 images) is posted via password to share with friends and family.
  • Up to 7-10 business days:  Prints, Image Disc
  • Up to 4 weeks: Canvases
  • Up to 6 weeks: Wedding albums

Wedding Photographer Album

12.  What Sets You Apart From Other Toledo Photographers?

This question can really help you determine the photographer you want to hire for your wedding day.   Is there something that really clicks for you?  Do they seem flexible with your wedding style?  Do they have active professional memberships?  Is their personality a good match for you?  We offer our couples amazing benefits with their wedding collections, as well as superior customer service!  The top 11 answers above can give you an idea of how we approach our business.  We strive to make a personal connection with each client.  Our photography is extraordinary, because we are skilled with creative poses and lighting techniques that are guaranteed to make you look your absolute best!  We are members of Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of Ohio, which help us stay up-to-date with the latest trends in our little corner of the world.  Plus, we work with some of Toledo’s top wedding vendors! We love to recommend the ones that we know will make your dream wedding come true.  Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and see if we are the wedding studio for you!

Toledo Wedding Photographer

Paul & Xochilt {Couple’s Session, Wildwood Park in Toledo}

Paul and Xochilt are just the cutest couple!  I knew from the moment we met at Wildwood Park in Toledo that their photography session would be fun.  Paul is every bit the gentleman around her; he naturally would cup her chin with his hand or brush her hair out of her face with me even prompting!  And it was very windy, so it really helped!  And Xochilt was so cute with her dress and boots… and I LOVED her side-braid!

Thank you Paul and Xochilt for choosing me for your Toledo photography session!  It was such a pleasure to meet you both and I wish you both the VERY BEST for 2014!

Toledo Engagement Photographer Wildwood Park Toledo Toledo Photography Toledo Wedding Photographer Toledo Photographer Toledo Photographer Wildwood Park Toledo


Marisa: Class of 2014 {Photographers in Toledo Ohio}

Marisa was such a joy to work with!  Her natural beauty and charming smile made my job easy!  Her mother found our studio while looking for photographers in Toledo Ohio.  One of the statements we hear over and over from new clients, is how our work stands out from crowd.  We use creative poses that flatter and bring studio lighting (even outdoors!) for a guaranteed successful session that is unique and polished.

I met Marisa and her dad in downtown Toledo for her senior portraits.  Unfortunately, it started to rain, but Marisa let me choose some great indoor locations for her pictures instead.  And in the end, we even got to sneak back outside for a few images during a break in the rain!  Yay!  I loved how the session turned out, despite the rain.  Marisa got a combination of an urban look, metallic backgrounds, and a country setting all in an hour!

Congratulations, Marisa, on your senior year!  And thank you for choosing JH Photography for your senior portraits!  We’re so glad you found us while searching online for photographers in Toledo Ohio!

Photographers in Toledo ohio Photographers in Toledo ohio Photographers in Toledo ohio Toledo senior portraits photographers in toledo ohio photographers in toledo ohio

The Pierce Family {Toledo Family Photographer}

This young family is so amazing!  And it was such an honor to be a part of their first family portrait!  Being a Toledo family photographer is a fun job, especially when working with amazing clients year-round, like the Pierces.  Katie is a caring school teacher and Scott is the chef and owner of www.treecitycatering.com here in Toledo (gourmet catering for all occasions!).  And their newest little family member, Evelyn, is 6 months old now!  What a beauty!  We captured their family portrait at the famous Toledo Wildwood Metro park.


Toledo Family Photograph Toledo Family Photograph Toledo Family Photography Toledo Family Photographer Toledo Family Photograph

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