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Mulkey Family {Family Pictures in Toledo Ohio}

Mulkey Family {Family Pictures in Toledo Ohio}

We really are fortunate to have so many beautiful metroparks for family pictures in Toledo, Ohio.  Did you know that Toledo has 11 metroparks?  When the Mulkey family reached out to our studio for Toledo family portraits, we discussed a few of the location options.  We settled on Wildwood Park because of the variety of scenery and because the park is dog friendly.  Although their plans changed last minute to not include their pets, Wildwood proved to be the perfect location for them!  The flowers at the garden by the Manor House were in bloom, and they got a chance to frolic a little bit in a grassy field!  How fun is that?

Family Pictures in Toledo Ohio 001_mini Family Pictures in Toledo Ohio 002_mini Family Photographers in Toledo Ohio 002Aren’t they a cute family?  We love to include a variety of poses with different backgrounds for family pictures.  All of the family together, siblings together, just parents, and individual children portraits.  For young families, we recommend updating family portraits at least every 2 years.  And every 3 years for families with adult children; and more frequent if they are adding to the family!  We love to watch families grow!  And family pictures in Toledo, Ohio can be so creative and fun with our metroparks.

Family Pictures in Toledo Ohio 003_mini Family Photographers in Toledo Ohio 001_mini Family Pictures in Toledo Ohio 004_mini

This is one of my favorite images from their family session.  So much personality in this image with their son looking back over his shoulder!  I love it!

Thank you Mulkey family for choosing JH Photography!  It was a pleasure to meet you all and to create some lasting memories!

Family Pictures in Toledo, Ohio

Is it time to update your family pictures?  We offer small gift prints all the way up to large wall portraits and beautiful gallery canvases.  Call us today to let us capture your family in creative portraits that you will treasure forever!  (419) 699-2460

Paul & Xochilt {Couple’s Session, Wildwood Park in Toledo}

Paul and Xochilt are just the cutest couple!  I knew from the moment we met at Wildwood Park in Toledo that their photography session would be fun.  Paul is every bit the gentleman around her; he naturally would cup her chin with his hand or brush her hair out of her face with me even prompting!  And it was very windy, so it really helped!  And Xochilt was so cute with her dress and boots… and I LOVED her side-braid!

Thank you Paul and Xochilt for choosing me for your Toledo photography session!  It was such a pleasure to meet you both and I wish you both the VERY BEST for 2014!

Toledo Engagement Photographer Wildwood Park Toledo Toledo Photography Toledo Wedding Photographer Toledo Photographer Toledo Photographer Wildwood Park Toledo


Black Friday Special: Toledo Photography

This Friday ONLY, we’ll be offering the best deal of the year!!!  Purchase any session (minimum $100 fee), and receive a FREE session to gift away for the holidays!  Portrait sessions are the perfect gift, especially since you can book your session anytime between now and the end of summer in 2014!  Give someone the gift of memories that they’ll enjoy for years and years to come!  And enjoy your own session, too!

Toledo Photographer Black Friday Special

The Pierce Family {Toledo Family Photographer}

This young family is so amazing!  And it was such an honor to be a part of their first family portrait!  Being a Toledo family photographer is a fun job, especially when working with amazing clients year-round, like the Pierces.  Katie is a caring school teacher and Scott is the chef and owner of www.treecitycatering.com here in Toledo (gourmet catering for all occasions!).  And their newest little family member, Evelyn, is 6 months old now!  What a beauty!  We captured their family portrait at the famous Toledo Wildwood Metro park.


Toledo Family Photograph Toledo Family Photograph Toledo Family Photography Toledo Family Photographer Toledo Family Photograph

What To Wear To Your Photo Session {Toledo Family Photographer}

What to Wear to Your Photo Session

{Toledo Family Photographer}

Sometimes the hardest part of a couple or family session is figuring out what your family should wear!  Your goal is to make your family look their best, and selecting outfits can be a little stressful!  Here are a few tips that I like to share with my Toledo families to help make their shopping easier for their family photography session.

Toledo Family Portrait Studio

Family Photography

1.  Coordinate colors; Just don’t be matchy-matchy!  Sure, the ‘exact’ shade and ‘exact’ hue of color for everyone’s shirt blends well, but in a portrait: it blends TOO well.  The best way to photograph your family is to have a little distinction for every individual, but not have one that is over powering in color or pattern.  It’s okay to mix and match colors and patterns… have a little fun!  Stay with 3 basic colors and play off the various hues.  Make sure at least more than one person has a matching basic color than yours, and you’ll be fine!

Toledo Family Photographer 005_mini

2.  Accessorize!  Yes, yes, YES!  Accessories are a must!  Bracelets, belts, headbands, cute shoes, fun hat for the boys to play around with…  Remember, we want your family to have fun and to show a little personality!  We’ll be taking some individual poses and sibling poses, too!

What to Wear

3.  Layers and textures.  Dress dad in a nice sports coat that he can take off to vary his outfits.  Give the boys a cute vest to wear, or the girls a light sweater or jacket.  We can mix and play it up during the shoot!  Toledo Family Photographer

4.  When you shop, the best advice is to shop from hardest to easiest!  Typically guys are more difficult to buy for, so start with your husband, and then the boys, and go from there.  It’ll help you from getting too overwhelmed and help you narrow down color schemes!

Toledo Family Photographer 007_mini

5.  Comfort is important!  You’ll want to be able to sit, stand, jump, lay, and twirl about in whatever you are wearing.  So you’ll want to be comfortable.  If they aren’t comfortable in what they are wearing… it will show on the portraits, especially when talking about kids.  No itchy shirts/tags or uncomfortable shoes!Toledo Family Photography 030_mini

6.  Let your personality shine!  Unless you are aiming for a highly stylized shoot, we really like for our families to show their personalities through their clothes.  If your little girl loves her cowgirl boots, bring them along!  Or dancing around in a tutu.  You’ll really appreciate the uniqueness 10-15 years from now when you look back!

7.  Send me a photograph of your outfits laid out over your bed in natural light.  Look to see if the colors look great together…  I LOVE to see families’ selections!

And remember to shop early!  You don’t want the stress of last minute trips to the mall.  And bring extra clothes for the little ones in case of messes.  (:  For more clothing and coordination ideas, check out our Clothing Pinterest Board!

Last, but not least, ENJOY your family session!  Think of it as a family date out!  It’ll be fun, unique, and you’ll treasure your portraits forever!

Mark + Robyn = Engaged! {a Sidecut Park Session, Toledo Wedding Photographer}

Mark and Robyn are the perfect match!  It’s been sooo much fun getting to know them both over the past few months!  When it came time to schedule their engagement session, Robyn knew exactly were she wanted it:  Sidecut Metro Park in Maumee, Ohio.  And what a great choice!  We had to reschedule their session twice due to rain… third time is a charm, right?  The day was as charming as these two were together!  Congratulations to you both and I can’t wait until your wedding day at Nazareth Hall!

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 001

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 002

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 003

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 004

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 009

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 006

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 010

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 007

Toledo SideCut Park Photograph Engagement 008

Special Edition Mini Session: Spring Lamb!

Oh, my goodness!!!  This adorable little girl and lamb were just too cute together!   A big thanks to the Indian Creek Camel Farm in L-A-M-B-ertville, too.  It was the perfect backdrop… complete with camels walking in the background!   This session was followed up with a day full of mini sessions 2 Saturdays later: our first set of our Special Edition Series!  More to come throughout the year, and a great way for some unique portraits with different themes!

Aubrey 004  Aubrey 009  Aubrey 011  Aubrey 015  Aubrey 022  Aubrey 026

Vahid + Niloofar = Engaged!

It has been so much fun organizing and helping Vahid and Niloofar plan their special day!  We also put aside an appointment for an engagement session, which they’ll use images for their wedding invitations.  It was a might chilly for their session in Toledo, but their photographs turned out amazing!   What a great couple!










Selecting the Best Photographer

Whether you’re in Toledo, Ohio, Ann Arbor, Michigan, NYC, or Smalltown USA, choosing the best photographer is a crucial part of planning your session or event…whether it’s a newborn session, family pictures, high school senior portraits, or your wedding day.  This post isn’t about WHO is the best photographer (although we’d love to say ‘we are!’), but who is the best photographer for YOU.  That’s right…you!  Selecting a professional to capture an important time in your life is like finding THE wedding gown for a bride.  Sure, you could just borrow from a friend or buy the one your hand falls on during an eye-covered twirl in a bridal store.  But, most of us have dreamed of our wedding day and all of the special moments since we were 5, right down to the gown we’ll be wearing as we promise “I do” to our soul mate.  Photography is just like finding the perfect wedding gown; the size, the style, and how it makes you feel will determine if it’s just A dress, or THE dress.  Photographers are just as versatile as the variety of wedding gowns.  We all have different styles, offer different levels of skill, and have our own unique personalities.


Do you know what style of photography you want?  Traditional?  Non-traditional?  Modern?  Photojournalistic?  Fashion-based?  The list is endless!  If you don’t know your style, yet, start looking through some wedding images on the internet or Pinterest.  Collect some poses and pictures that you love, and match them up to the photographer’s bio to see what style it is that attracts you.  Next, look up some of your local photographers that offer that style and look at their portfolio.  Are they creative?  Do they use the same 4 poses over and over?  Or is their approach to each client a good balance of personalization and style?

The second criteria to finding the right photographer for you is the amount of experience you are looking for.  And, yes, experience does come with a price.  You can find anything from a beginning photographer with $5 prints and $500 all inclusive packages to fashion and Hollywood photographers with $500 prints and $50,000 packages.  If a smaller price tag is more important than quality, then an amateur looking to build their portfolio might be the perfect choice for you.  But, if quality images and exceptional skills are valuable, then you might have to invest a little more into your photographer.  Why are experienced photographers more of an investment?  Besides the basic supply and demand notion, more experienced photographers manage their own business full-time, which is pricey!  There’s studio space rent and utilities, accounting and taxes, insurance, expensive camera and lighting equipment, web presence, advertising costs, assistant and secondary photographer wages, travel expenses…plus, at the end of the day, we photographers have to make something to bring home to our families, too!  Hiring an experienced photographer means your session is not only in professional hands to guarantee the best images, but that the best equipment is being used to produce your high quality images.  Experienced photographers have back up gear available in case of a technical failures, the pressure to stay creatively above the local market, and the knowledge and skill to master any location and lighting situation.

Finally, you have to find the photographer that you mesh with.  Their personality has to be a fit for you.


You’ll be spending countless hours with them, whether it’s choosing the session location, actually shooting the location, and following up with you to deliver the print goodies.  And if it’s a photographer for your wedding day…you’ll really need to have a good fit!  Meet with your potential photographer.  Are they friendly?  Do they have a good reputation?  Are they concerned with your vision for the session/event?  Read their testimonial page.  Ask what their shooting and posing approach is.  Do you need a photographer that’s good at coaching poses?  If you have ideas, are they open to trying them?  As you’ll be spending a lot of one-on-one time with your photographer, make sure that you’re satisfied with their personality, email/phone call response time, and personal vision for you.

Use these simple guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect photographer for YOU!

Best wishes!


Cameron + Jennifer = Engaged

We started Cameron and Jennifer’s session out at a small riverside park in Defiance, Ohio.  Although it had been a record hot and dry summer, this willow tree offered all the greenery we could ask for (and shade)!.   We got some great shots along the river, and even a few at the local library.   I didn’t realize it at first, but their daughter was in their truck with Grandpa.  So we captured a few images of their family at the end of the session.  And boy, is Olivia cute!   I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day…which is actually right around the corner!


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