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Limited Edition: Christmas Mini Sessions

Limited Edition: Christmas Mini Sessions

Christmas Photos in Toledo 01Which package do you want?  These sessions are only available for one day at our Toledo studio, so spots are limited!

Call today to reserve your mini session and “Share the Memories!”  (419) 699-2460


Discover the 5 Must-Have Steps for Getting Organized for Your Holiday Season

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 Step 1.  Create gifts that are personal.


The best gifts are never the most expensive, but the most thoughtful.  These can be individually personalized, like using their name, wedding date, or other personal touch.  Or, for the creative gifters, these can be presents that were custom-made by you, like candies or crafted photo frames.

Step 2.  Share tasks like wrapping gifts or baking cookies together with family and friends.

These can be fun get-togethers that create festive memories… all while checking one more to-do item off your list!  With friends, wrap your family gifts.  And vice versa when with family, wrap your friends’ gifts!  Odds are you’ll have fun mixing up the creativity with wrapping!

Step 3.  Create Holiday To-Do Lists


This will help you stay focused on timelines and the tasks at hand.  Plus, you’ll have a ready answer if family or friends ask if there is something they can help with.

Step 4.  Hire a Housekeeper


As odd as this might sound, the holiday season is a busy time of year for everyone!  Why bother with having to worry about cleaning house for company or dinners, when you can hire someone to help out during the holidays.  Trust me, this will bring you a whole new feeling of more time to get things done!  (or just to relax!)

 Step 5.  Get Christmas Cards Out By December 1st


Aren’t we all guilty of mailing the Christmas cards out the week before Christmas, or worse, late or never?  If you are personalizing your cards with a family photo, remember to have your photo session finished by November 14 so you’ll get your order of cards back in time.  And check with your photographer; they might have a different deadline for getting your order back to you, depending on their studio workflow.  Don’t have a session scheduled, yet?  Check out our Christmas Mini Sessions available for a limited time at our Toledo Studio!

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