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Travel Photography Part 2 {Pictures of Italy for Sale}

Travel Photography Part 2 {Pictures of Italy for Sale}

Some trips can really be considered as a trip of a lifetime.  Especially with travel photography in Italy!  But, I refuse to limit myself to just one trip of a lifetime, and will always dream of returning.  And, yes!  I did throw a coin over my shoulder in the Trevi Fountain in Rome!  So far, the coin-tossing has worked, because this was our second trip back!  This is post 2, featuring pictures of Italy for sale.  You can read part 1 here, of Travel Photography Part 1 {Pictures of France for Sale}.

pictures of italy for sale trevi fountain

Image #22

With living in such a young country as America, it is so difficult to imagine settlements and architecture surviving century after century.  Some of America’s earliest surviving structures only date back to the 1600s.  During our trip, we toured through medieval towns still surrounded by walls dating back to the 12th century.  And then there is Rome, with it’s towering ruins dating back to 500 BC and older.  It’s nearly incomprehensible!

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pictures of italy for sale 003

Image #3

As a lover of art, history, and food… Italy is my favorite place in all the world!  Our journey from the French Riviera led us first to Cinque Terra, which means “Five Earths”.  These 5 little fishing villages are only accessible by foot, and are built right into the Italian rocky coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.  While visiting Riomaggiore, one of the little villages, we encountered the most delicious and freshest calamari ever!  I swear it had been caught just that morning!

Italy Coast

Image #2

Mediterranean Sea

Image #4

pictures of italy for sale 005

Image #5

Next, we spent two nights in a historic convent, surrounded with a lavish garden and beautiful sculptures in Florence.  The Tuscan region is a world all of its own!  Three of my favorite memories of Florence (or Firenze, as the locals pronounce it) is visiting the magnificent Duomo; the rounded dome is still mystifying to architects today.  It was built in the late 1200s with both a Gothic and Renaissance influence.

pictures of italy for sale 008

Image #8

Florence Duomo

Image #9

The Ponte Vecchio Bridge is a historical wonder to me.  At one time, Florence was scattered with bridges like this one, where the shop owners built their home and stores right into the bridge.  So colorful and unique with the shops still operating today!  Unfortunately, during WWII, Hitler commanded all the bridges to be destroyed to keep the Italian army from advancing northward during his retreat.  Somehow, the locals were able to convince the German army to save this one bridge by destroying the two buildings on either side to block access to the bridge.  The Florentine locals have since rebuilt the two end buildings, using both the remaining ruins and modern stone.

Ponte Vecchio Firenze

Image #10

Florence Italy

Image #11

The third favorite memory of this beautiful city is visiting the Academia Museo!  Imagine walking amongst life-size statues that once resembled a living person.  A boy and his dog, a beautiful woman and her child… and then rounding the corner of the museum to behold the real Michelangelo’s Statue of David towering at over 15 feet tall!  What a perfect work of art! David was so detailed that even his hands had veins showing from his hand being lower than his heart!  The Academia also had several Michelangelo’s unfinished statues, which still portrayed emotion in the faces and poses without the minute sculptured details of his finished pieces.  Unfortunately, no photography was allowed in the museum.  🙁

We boarded a local coach and journeyed just outside the city to a small winery villa.  Many villas in the region host weddings, but none are hospitable as this family! Tuscans are very private citizens, but being raised in Rome perhaps made this family the exception. The villa has been in their family for generations, and they’ve been bottling and selling their own wine and olive oil since the 1700s. In fact, the grandfather saved it from being bombed in the WWII by providing a historical tour of the villa (built in the 1400s) to the local German officer in charge of selecting bombing sites and applying for a historical site protection. The German officer relocated the bomb and saved their family villa.  What a shame it would have been to lose it!

Italy Villa Wedding

Image #13

pictures of italy for sale 012

Image #12

pictures of italy for sale 015

Image #15

Next is the small medieval town of Siena.  This walled city still holds so much history and tradition still to this day.  Our local guide explained that available real estate is nearly non-existent, since the homes and restaurants have been passed down from generation to generation since the 13th century.  I highly recommend reading some of Siena’s history in our previous post listed at the bottom of this page!  It’s simply fascinating, including horse races and its church-size rivalry with the nearby Florence that still remains half-built today due to an epidemic that wiped out nearly all it’s citizens.

Siena Italy picture for sale

Image #16

pictures of italy for sale 017

Image #17

pictures of italy for sale 018

Image #18

pictures of italy for sale 020

Image #20

pictures of italy for sale 021

Image #21

Roma!  I just love how the locals speak with such emotion and emphasize with their hands! And the food!  Mama mia!  Amazing!  One of Rome’s hidden treasures is located on the hill top by the Roman Ruins: The statue of Moses in the San Pietro in Vincoli Church.  This quiet little basilica was only dotted with a few stragglers from the street who were brave enough to venture up the unknown streets to find this hidden gem.   The expression on Michelangelo’s Moses has been studied for centuries: The horned head, the flowing beard, the gaze toward the chapel’s doors, and the protectiveness of the 10 Commandment Tablets.  The current translation at the time of Michelangelo of the Biblical passage of Moses descending from the mountain with the 10 Commandments was that he was “horned” from the conversation with the Lord, instead of today’s “shinning” or “glorified”.  Michelangelo was so mesmerized by his life-like statue, that it is said that he stuck the knee of Moses and cried, “Speak!”.  The crack in the knee from Michelangelo’s mallet can be seen in this image.

Moses Statue Michelangelo

Image #23

Our last evening, we ventured back to the Colosseum at sunset.  I love how the ancient ruins stand so majestically with untold stories of gladiators and Christian martyrs with the motion of modern-day life speeding by it’s foundation. The blur of vehicle lights can be seen along the road.  This image has been one of the most popularly requested prints, and rightly so!

Colosseum Rome

Image #24

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 You can read more in-depth posts of our journey and your favorite picture of Italy for sale in these following posts!


Emily & Mike: Still In Love Session {Toledo Wedding Photographer}

Emily & Mike: Still In Love Session {Toledo Wedding Photographer}

Emily and Mike are coming up on their 3rd wedding anniversary!  It’s so hard to believe that their wedding day was just 3 years ago here in the Glass City!  It was a beautiful day, too.  Emily was married in the same church as her parents, and they had an antique pink car that whisked them away after the ceremony.  The best part about being a wedding photographer in Toledo, is staying in contact with our fabulous couples.  When I mentioned to Emily that we were thinking of offering a brand new session for our previous wedding clients, she loved the idea and we planned everything out!  A “Still In Love” session is a chance for a couple to celebrate their love again by wearing their wedding attire one more time!  It’s the perfect idea for an anniversary gift to yourselves!  Get all dolled up again and spend an hour at one of our metropark locations with your favorite Toledo wedding photographer!  We’ll bring the lighting and special effects, and you bring the suit, gown, and romance!Toledo Wedding Photographer 016Mike and Emily’s session was featured at Wildwood Park, located right off Central Ave.  Since this was also their wedding portrait location, it was the perfect choice for their anniversary!  We had taken their pictures in front of the Manor House, but this time we opted for a beautiful field on the other end of the park.  Toledo Wedding Photographer 002The sunset looks so warm and inviting, but it was actually on the chilly side with some wind!  Kudos to Mike and Emily for braving the cold for some stunning portraits to add to their collection!

Toledo Wedding Photographer 001Toledo Wedding Photographer 004And remember the story of Snow White and all of her little forest animal friends?  There was a herd of deer in the field where we were photographing, and one was so curious with Emily in her beautiful wedding gown that it actually came within several feet of her! And now Emily has her prince charming… fairy tales really do come true!

Toledo Wedding Photographer 017a

Don’t you just LOVE Emily’s wedding dress?  She had it custom made right here in Toledo for her wedding day!Toledo Wedding Photographer 006 Toledo Wedding Photographer 007 Toledo Wedding Photographer 008

Here you can really see Emily’s gown details.  I love how it’s gathered to the side and the train flows from there down.  Beautiful!

We set up their appointment around sunset time to get that golden glow, and then wrapped up their portraits at a second location that allows fireworks.  YES!  FIREWORKS! Toledo Wedding Photographer 009Thank you Mike and Emily, not only for choosing JH Photography as your Toledo wedding photographer, but for letting us showcase your love once more through Still In Love portraits!  Happy anniversary and here’s to many, many more!

To schedule your Still in Love Session with our amazing Toledo wedding photography studio, contact us today at (419) 699-2460.  Sessions are only $125, and we offer an amazing variety of products and print collections to fit every budget.  Let us create something beautiful and romantic to celebrate your love!

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